Scott Sagaria
Scott SagariaAttorney

“I have two boys of my own and I’ve been down this road before in my personal life.  Fortunately for me and everyone in my family, our divorce was very amicable.  We’re better friends now than when we were married.  But I know that’s not everyone’s story.  And therefore, what’s required in this field of law is flexibility, and carefully choreographed strategy for each and every case.

In my experience, I’ve encountered just about every possible scenario from emotionally and financially draining financial wars to child-focused, “family friendly” divorce.  That may sound like an oxy-moron, but that’s actually the strategy we always try to employ first.  But depending on the reality of the case, I can be either very aggressive or extremely reasonable and diplomatic.  Not to brag, but not every attorney has that in them.  I find that my success is largely due to this adaptability.

I’m particularly suited for and enjoy family law because it’s about resolution for families.  I can talk to anyone and easily form meaningful relationships with the people I work with.  That’s another key to achieving successful outcomes in family law.  In fact, I make myself very available to my clients.  We actually can’t help but become friends because during their case we speak on the phone almost every day.”

Samira Amato
Samira AmatoAttorney

I love family law because I get a real opportunity to change people’s lives and help them find resolutions to their most pressing issues in life.  It’s a much more creative process than any other form of law.  You get to be a problem solver and create solutions, where oftentimes the parties involved can’t even imagine what those solutions might be.

I understand the legal concepts, am comfortable with the courts, know the judges very well (and in fact can predict with a high degree of accuracy how they’ll rule), and I know the law.  What’s great about that for my clients is that during such an emotionally draining process, I take all of that off their plate.  They don’t have to stress over whether or not their attorney is knowledgeable enough or savvy enough to get the job done.  Family law is hard.  Its emotionally draining.  My level of expertise means they can worry about one less thing.”